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Transforming Creators into 6-figure Success Stories: Our Proven strategies

Grow with Malome aims to empower young people with information. Thato Rampedi, a digital content creator who has been elevating content creators throughout Africa for years, founded Grow with Malome. He has expertly crafted an ebook filled with practical best practices to help anyone get started with YouTube. Additionally, he offers personalized 1-on-1 consultations for content creators who are eager to take their content to the next level. Thank you for sharing this valuable information about Grow with Malome!

Our Services & Products

Unlock your potential with our services and products. Our E-book offers a comprehensive guide to kickstarting your journey and securing brand deals. Plus, our 1-1 virtual consultations provide tailored advice to help you reach your goals faster.




    "One thing about Thato Rampedi, he knows his worth. Doing a couple of campaigns with him I’ve realised that he never undersells himself. He understands the value of which he brings to the table. He showed me that sometimes you need to speak up and not be afraid to lose that campaign because they’re coming in lower than your rates, don’t be unrealistic but be assertive. Stand your ground."


    “If never dropping the ball was a person it would definitely be Thato. No matter what could be happening around you , Thato will always remind you to think of the bigger picture & always challenge yourself. They are moments I was ready to give up and Thato was always there to remind me that it’s in those moments where you must push the hardest cause that measures your commitment to the craft. No matter what life hands you , never drop the ball”


    Thato Rampedi is an amazing individual who has greatly assisted me in terms of branding. Before meeting him, I struggled to secure any brand deals. However, he taught me that every action you take contributes to your overall image. He helped me refine my approach to building a brand and how to present myself to the world. Additionally, his guidance regarding corporate-level image was invaluable, as it was something I was lacking previously. Finally, he provided valuable insights into pricing and charging, which helped me understand industry standards and overcome gatekeeping practices.


    "Thato is foward thinking and always been touch with marketing strategies to not only boost products that firms would like to market but as well as increase the level of quality provided by content creators

    He truly has been the gap between South Africa’s marketing world and the content creators from all parts of South Africa"


    "Over and above community, Thato has taught me how to work smarter not harder. This made me realize that , there are people that will teach you to make money but they'll leave out the small details about it. Then there are people like Thato that teach you how to make money and they make sure to fill you in on the small nitty gritty details to ensure that once you leave, you are well equipped. That for me makes Thato the best person to buy a growth e-book from because I know I will get value for my money and will probably get that money back from what I learn from him."


    Thato taught me how to create high-quality content. He showed me how to monetize my creativity in ways that I didn't even realize were possible. In addition, he taught me how to negotiate effectively with brands and how to promote myself. The South African YouTube community is lucky to have someone like Thato who shares his expertise and truly is like an Malome to us all.

About Us

At Grow with Malome, we understand that every content creator is at a different point on their journey. That's why we offer practical strategies tailored to each individual's needs - whether you're just starting out or looking to take your channel to the next level. Our consultations and e-books are designed to help you achieve real results and grow your audience. With Thato Rampedi's wealth of experience as a full-time content creator, you can trust that our recommendations are tried and tested. Let us join you on your YouTube and social media journey and let us help you reach your full potential.